How to calculate the effect of a successful hub

How to calculate the effect of a successful hub:

Expected number of established startups

Startups who have already established their business and are seeking a new space to work out of, and a

supportive community

Expected number of co-founding members

Some of the startups under the Vibes roof are expected to have multiple founders, or “entrepreneurs”.

While a smaller number, they still have an effect on the economy at large

Expected number of new entrepreneurs

Given the atmosphere and the supportive environment, Vibes has witnessed various individuals develop

their ideas and ultimately create a sustainable startup

Employees in established startups

Established startups are those that come into the coworking space already working towards growth, and

are startups that have approximately 3-4 employees each

Employees in newly established startups

Newly established startups have 0.75 employees on average (half of these startups have a single

employee, and a quarter have part time employees)

Employment following training or presentation events

Through various partnered events with surrounding universities, students will have the opportunity to

showcase their abilities (which has led to employment by Vibes Tenants)