Aspects key for a successful entrepreneurship hub?

Aspects key for a successful entrepreneurship hub?

1. Coworking Space

A physical space with open and closed working areas, along with meeting rooms and multi-purpose areas

2. Incubators

Where startups are nurtured during their early months or years, while providing various types of support

to increase chances of success

3. Accelerators

A fixed duration program targeting slightly more established startups than incubators, and providing

various services to assist in their growth

Support Services

Services that range from consulting and legal to marketing and technology support. Such services can be

provided by external parties or fellow tenants.

Training Programs

Programs targeting different aspects of managing a startup, such as digital marketing .


Individuals with experience in a specific field, or fields, relevant to the tenants. Their assistance is

invaluable in helping startups skip known mistakes, or help those that need guidance


Startups need access to funding to ensure smooth operations sustainably. It is paramount that The

Complex allows for easy access to funding


Activities or presentations that help enable tenants by strengthening the ecosystem, or provide relevant

information on the market or specific government entities

The Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirit is a key aspect of any venture. The Complex should spread such a spirit within,

and beyond, to liven the SME ecosystem


Opportunities to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs as well as mentors, coaches and well

established entities

Specialized Areas

Support areas specialized in specific fields (such as 3-D printing areas, or targeted presentations and